About Us

Christopher Graham is Principal and Owner of Oak Arbor Company. He started the business in 1980, after graduating from Landscape Architecture school at Michigan State, after graduating from Cornell University.

Focused nearly entirely on residential gardens — the business’s main goal has always been to provide our clients with outstanding yet practical design, the best materials we can find, exceptional service, and results which age very well.

We are not a large company. We run a single crew of 4 -8 people, with whom the boss works directly much of the time.

The best compliments we are regularly paid is “your guys sure work hard, they are very nice people,” and after a year or two, “this looks like it has always been here.”

We keep to a true work ethic. You can see that in the care with which we work, in the general preference for hand labor (to minimize collateral damage), the sound way our gardens function. It is true that we have the training, the experience, a good design eye — and a practical streak (especially about good soils and irrigation and drainage) — that few exceed.

The employees who have worked with us over the years have often been outstanding. We are very grateful to them for their energy and help. You will find they will be very nice to you, and helpful in any way you need. And, most of all, they are trustworthy.

We are always looking for good help! Please contact us if you need a job.