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Most who have worked with us know we are very careful about infrastructure in a garden - soils and drainage, tree roots, fine grading, clean ups. They know we work with the best materials we can find. They know we craft things as well as we know how.

And those who work with us know we are extraordinarily careful about the care and service we provide, about the employees we hire, about how hard we work.

Like the leaf of an Amazon lily (Victoria amazonica), you would not know such a structure supported such a leaf, unless you looked underneath. We are happy when people look very closely at us and what we do, especially at how we do our work for you.


Once the infrastructure of a garden is built, its drainage and walls and paving, etc. — we are finally able to add plants. Planting is our greatest love, what we most enjoy giving our clients.

From Rhododendron gardens to native prairies, from tulips to tomatoes, from ground covers to great trees — and very much more — we have taken immense care over many years to know and to understand plants.

We try to please our clients with what they like. We add to those desires — and make it all sing and thrive. The greatest compliment we are often paid about our work after a year or two is this: “Our garden looks like it has always been here.â€�

We are happy to help you. Inquire.

We are often asked to bring color to a garden, which makes us happy.

Overall, we use plants as we can to bring birds and butterflies, whose presence in a garden are a delight.

Then we select woody plants that have not just great flowers, but all season interest, such as colorful leaves.

Then we add perennials as we can, for flowers of a bit longer duration. To get flowers through the season from them though, takes many different plants together and lots of bed space and sun.

Annual plants make season-long color possible, though they need good soil preparation and close attention to watering. A smaller combination of varieties usually can go brightly until the first frost arrives.

We are happy to help you with this. Inquire.

The venerable (crab) apple — one of the great ornamental trees in gardens — is derived from plants discovered by travelers along the Silk Road in Kazakhstan, hundreds of years ago.

They are among the oldest and fairest of cultivated plants — especially those that produce the larger, sweeter fruit. Varying in flower and fruit color, bud and leaf color, form and texture — there is a crabapple to satisfy every situation.

Used often by the great designers in major public parks and gardens earlier in the 20th century, less in recent years, these trees can live a long and very treasured life in the right place.

We love to help you with plants (and lots of other things outdoors, too). Inquire.