Our Services: Garden Building

Our goal is to work as carefully as we can, with the best materials we can obtain, with clear awareness of the natural environment on a site. We take special care of trees, limit our soil disturbance as much as possible, consider safety in all aspects of our work.

We do many things by hand that others do by machine — because compacted soils are not a good habitat for plants.

We are often called to a site because a basement is wet, plants are not thriving, there is erosion on a site – usually because water off a roof has not been handled properly. We are expert is solving these problems, though we are not a foundation repair company. Just installing good roof water drainage is enough to solve most water intrusion or flooding problems. The City now requires rain gardens if impervious surfaces are increased.

We do our best to collaborate as we go along with our clients. We often do not know much about them, nor much about a site when we begin a project. We make changes as we go along without the hoopla that comes with projects guided closely by drawings. We want a project that fits and works and pleases our clients.

We are especially careful with trees. Old ones particularly do not tolerate traffic on the soil surface above their roots. Roots can extend out as much as twice the distance of the ends of the outer branches. Many people think roots go deep, but they do not. Most are within a couple of feet of the surface. We do not disturb trees that are important!

And last, we have learned to install high quality irrigation systems in the gardens we are building. The systems we install or manage have rain sensors, have clear and clean access to valves (which stay that way over years), and which are hybrid systems (drip, spray, rotors) that water efficiently and effectively.